The revenue is the most important components of profit and loss a statement. revenue means all the work invoiced and also the work we have undertaken but not yet completed.

In simple words, revenue is money brought into a business by its business activities.

revenue is known as a top line because it appears first on company profit and loss statement. Revenue is used to measure the total ****** of sales a company from its goods & services. Revenue also known as gross sales of business.




Cost of good sold assist *******name referred cost incurred while generating the sales. COGS includes all the cost used during the production or acquisition of goods. It plays major role while calculating your gross income.

COGS shows on the debit side of the income statement. When COGS is ninas********* from sales the result is the company gross profit.


3. Gross Profit

Gross profit shows as gross margin of the business. Gross profit calculate when we subtract*********** the COGS from the net sales.

If any company want profit in the business then they should maintain their gross profit i.e. Its gross profit must be greater than its direct expenses.


4. Selling general & Administrative (SG & A)

SG & A referred as a selling general and administrative expenses. SG & A includes Salaries, Rent depreciation, Advertisement wages etc. Selling General & administrative also known as of operating expenses.

SG & A is the fixed cost which incurred while doing business. This type of expenses is not directly related to production of the business. If company wants profitable business then they should maintain or control their SG & A expenses.


5. Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and advertising is the best way to attract the customer. While using this method company can connect with their customer.As will known customer is the king of the market.

Effective marketing strategies******** helps business to get revenue in business and also satisfy the customer needs.

advertising is one aspects of the marketing. Attractive advertisement can easily attract their customer.

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